MsV has been participating in the alternative communities for over 14 years, in both the US and her native Canada, and in the past nine years, as a “toymaker,” specializing in floggers and whips. She has honed her skills and able to create implements from varying materials, much to the delight of those around her. Favorite materials are not only leather cow or kangaroo, but wood as well as “rubber”.  Many of her flogger have been referred to as the "perfect Shades of Gray type floggers" as they are very soft made in leathers such as deer, moose, elk and rabbit fur asa wel as floggers similar to those of "Nine and a Half Weeks."

Her other interests range from oil painting and scuba diving, to gardening and carpentry. When flipping through a magazine displaying power tools, she was described as having a twinkle in her eye. She loves to create, forever making things all the while, respectful of God's creations.

She has studied whiphandling in public workshops and private instruction with performer and Guinness record holder Robert Danté. Her skill and competency as a whipmaker, is well know through Quebec, Ontario and in north east united states.

She has given seminars at Mr. Leather Toronto, at Mr. Olympus in Ottawa, for Priape at Amour et Séduction and Mr. Leather in Montreal, is founder of a monthly local munch and whip cracking group. She is vital. She is vivacious.

Many of her pieces are available in local stores in Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto

She is, Ms V.


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Kangaroo Signal, single-tail whip, 3 foot
Kangaroo Signal Whip - The displayed image is a 12 plait 3 foot signal whip

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