Ms V Whip and Crafts are handmade, new and each one is a unique piece. Ms V guarantees the workmanship on all of these items. The products are verified prior to shipment and so as to ensure that you receive only top quality products. Your return business is sought and Ms V will gladly work with you, should you ever encounter any problem with the workmanship.

The guarantee will cover workmanship and not "defects"resulting from improper usage of the product.  I guarantee my work. I don’t guarantee my work when the item fails due to misuse.  I will give examples below of misuse of single tail whips, and what I will not guarantee. 


In the case of shot loaded whips it is very tempting to “break in” a whip by repeatedly bending the whip in order to make it more flexible.  Forcing the whip in a too tight coil could rupture the shot bag. 

The whip, thrown with excessive force or to attain the booming crack can cause early breakage of the fall, and stretching of the thong.  

Cracking the whip along the plaited leather and not allowing it to follow through to the fall and cracker may cause the leather to shatter.

Any excessive wrist action can over-stress the whip, particularly along the junction of the thong or near the butt in snake whips or signal whips.  A well-made whip will crack easily and excessive wrist action won't be needed to make it crack.  My whips easily and require very little effort and wrist action.


The suggestions above are not a definitive list but rather an example of misuse and my whiips will not be guaranteed.

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Displayed are twin Kangaroo Bull Whips. They are the same length, size and weight. The only difference is that they were made in different colors.
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